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YAMAHA RX-V657RDS and B&W MT-10 speaker set

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by gnikolaidis, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. gnikolaidis


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    I just took delivery of my new YAMAHA RX-V657RDS receiver, to replace my seven year old workhorse a YAMAHA RX-585RDS. My old receiver was connected to a brand new B&W MT-10 speaker set, and the sound coming out (even after numerous attempts to calibrate properly) was a disaster.

    I used the auto-set up calibration and equalization utility of the RX-V657RDS by means of connecting the supplied for this purpose microphone. After a short interval the system reported that the calibration was done, and I immediately put a DVD to play on my system. In very few words the sound that came out was fantastic, nothing to do with the performance of my old amplifier.

    Especially, I want to comment on the ability of the RX-V657RDS to maintain its dynamic separation even at very low levels, where the previous amplifier sounds where muted and you could not distinguish clearly the contribution of each speaker.

    The sound of the B&W MT-10 speaker set, taking into consideration the small size of the speakers, appears very natural and clear with exceptional midrange, and it lacks any boxiness apparent in other small factor speakers. I highly recommend them, especially to those they want to use them for listening to music on top of their function as 5.1 movie speakers.

    All in all, it seems the combination of the new YAMAHA RX-V657RDS receiver and the B&W MT-10 speaker set is a very good match, complementing the best characteristics of each other.

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