yamaha RX-V657 is this a good amp???

james the spark

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hi all im currently lookin for a new amp this one just seems to catch my eye at the price i was just wonderin what u lot thought of it and if any of you had any problems with .....my main reason for changin my amp is my sony just dont have enought digital inputs i need 3 at the minuet and it only has 2 i also see it will output in component it seems quality where my sony has rele let me down in the past is there anythin else you think i could get for no more then 300 quid??? and also it is a 7.1 amp but ill probs only use it as 5.1 is there a option like on my sony to set it up with speakers off i dont wanna get the thing and find out it wont work properly without extra speakers thanks for your help


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What is your budget and do you need a radio in the amp?


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I have a Yamaha RX-V550 and I'm very happy with it.

It's well made, reliable, looks good(bit bulky). Sounds really nice for multi-channel stuff (with Infinity speakers), but I'm not totally convinced for stereo music, which is why I'm adding a dedicated Stereo Amp (but that's only because I'm more into Music than DVDs etc,. The rest of the Family enjoys the noises coming out of the Yammy when we watch Films)

You certainly get your money's worth.

Mine is a 6.1 setup but I've decided to ditch the rear centre, and yes, you can dial out whatever speakers you don't want, and setup the levels too. :smashin:


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For under £300 this is a great buy. Component output, all other inputs converted to component too, so easy to control everything through the amp. Sound quality especially on movies is outstanding. Fully 7.1 compatible and enough audio inputs to keep most happy.

When it was reviewed at £500 it achieved best buy...at £300 or less it's a steal.

james the spark

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thanks for the replys my budget is a max of 300 quid and no a radio anit that important hardly ever listen on my reciver at the mo ill probs order it tonight so any other info will b great


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It's great for film, but in my (inexperienced amp-wise) opinion, it's poor for stereo.
Also, and I'm not being funny, but full stops make things easier to read :smashin:

james the spark

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i picked it up last night from city link got it rougly set up and im very impressed, the sound quality film wise compaired to my old sony is unreal its very easy to set up just gotta sort out some component leads and ill b happy.:clap:

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