Yamaha RX-V640RDS or Pioneer VSX-D812?




New to this particular forum and would like to hear some opinions on how best to spend my money! I've boiled down the choice of my next upgrade to one of these two receivers (although I'd consider the DSP AX640E too as I don't really need a tuner) but can't really find much between them to help me make my mind up. Any comments/suggestions welcome, including alternatives. I'm looking for 6.1 discrete (6.1 matrix as a minimum). I'll use it mainly for DVD's/TV but also the odd CD or two.

Current set up includes DMR E50 DVD recorder, Yamaha AV396RDS 5.1 with Yamaha speakers (came as a plug n play big box), X-Box and NTL DTV decoder.

I have the yammy and i have found it very capable at the price. Sorry I have no experience of the pioneer. For the yammy :

I like:
-quite powerfull for its price
-nice dsp modes
-very good built in tuner (if you like radio) if not, get the SE
-built in phono stage
-A+B speaker outs
-pre-outs for my stereo amp

I don't like:
-cannot turn the display off, only dim it
-only one coaxial input (but 2 optical)
-speaker outputs do not take banana plugs and are a bit close together if you have chunky speaker cable
-the remote (too many useless buttons)

overall i find it a great amp packed with features for the price, although not fantastic for stereo music but still capable. I would suggest auditioning it and the pioneer at the same session.

hope this helps and happy listening :)
Love The Pio. Sound is great - especially detail. Great connections. Easy to set up and rather attractive to look at. Great on DVD and I'm growing fond of music on nEO 6. Highly recc'd!!!!
Thanks for the comments guys, one for each! Decisions, decisions, decisions!
Hi Guys

Is component video supported on the pioneer? As far as I recall I think not - the Yamaha has it though.

Just a couple of pennies worth there!

The Pioneer does not have component video switching. It is also made of plastic (saddo that I am I prefer a metal skin at the very least). Sonically it is pretty good but a bit more fiddly than the Yamaha- it also doesn't take banana plugs. The fact that the Yamaha has a front optical input was enough for me- allows rapid XBox set up when the good lady is away- (consoles are normally banned from the front room).
Phydeaux - it's definitely worth considering the Marantz SR5400 and Denon AVR1804 aswell as your original Pioneer and Yamaha suggestions.

At this budget end of the market my advice is to try and get hold of a receiver with the highest quality poweramps, in which case Marantz are the obvious choice.

As I've posted in the past I'm yet to be impressed by any of Yamaha's budget offerings in any category, and truly hate the cheap aesthetics.

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