YAMAHA RX-V630RDS query?


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I have seen 3 reviews for this reciever which appear to contradict each other.

One review states that it handles proper DTS-ES descrete.
Another makes no mention of this feature and only refers to DTS-ES.
The last review I read states that it does not have DTS-ES as standard but is ES-COMPATIBLE! with an external decoder.

All the reviews are in current issues of home cinema or hi-fi magazines.

For the record, the Yamaha site also refers to it as 'ES-compatible'. What does the compatible mean?:confused:

Who is right?

How can one tell?

Your thoughs and insights please!


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Note sure if this helps but I have a RXV530RDS and when I played Blade 2 and set audio to DTS-ES it came up on the screen on the AMP.

Again not sure uf helps



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According to What Hi-Fi it works with DD EX 6.1, PLII, DTS ES matrix 6.1 & DTS ES Discrete 6.1.

All I can add is that Blade 2 lit up the centre rear & the amp switched itself to "enhanced". Oh & it sounded fantastic - easily the best £320 I have spent on AV kit

Dave Taylor

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The 630 decodes DTS ES as it is a matrix format like DD Ex.

The 630 will not decode DTS ES Discrete and give you a true 6th Discrete channel.

But DTS ES Discrete is backward compatiable. So the 630 will treat it as DTS ES so you will still get 6.1 on any format.

There only a few films available in DTS ES Discrete so don't let that put you off.

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