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Hi all,

First of all sorry if this has been asked before, I've googled this but can't find any concrete info on the issue.

I've recently purchased and setup a Yamaha RX-V577 for my new living room home cinema setup, using a Q Acoustics Q3000 5.1 package for the speakers. The receiver outputs to a Sony KDL55W829B TV and has several inputs connected for games consoles with a bunch of 2-3m HDMI cables, and my gaming PC using a 20m HDMI cable, which works flawlessly from what I can tell. (Everything same as when I tested it with a 3m cable) The setup in general is great, would recommend the receiver, TV and speakers for sure so far after a few weeks of use, though there's one issue that's popped up now that I've finally got the PC connected...

I've noticed that when outputting from the PC to the TV/speakers through the receiver, I'm not able to use the "Decoder" function on the receiver. It defaults to outputting "STRAIGHT", so if the source on the PC is 5.1 it will output in 5.1 fine, but if it's not, for example a video file with only 2.0 channel output, it will only come out the front L&R speakers. I've configured the HDMI output as 5.1 on the list of playback devices on the Sound panel in Windows, and set the output in the Properties for it to 24bit 48KHz.

The thing is, if I use another feature on the receiver, for example the inbuilt Spotify playback, controlled by a smartphone (Great feature by the way) and connected via Wi-Fi, I'm able to use the Decoder mode, which seems to emulate surround sound pretty well. Or at least that's what I think it does, correct me if I'm wrong. Same goes for when I use the TV's smart-TV functions to play video files from my NAS over the Wi-Fi, the Decoder function works fine for files where the source isn't already 5.1. I'd like to use this mode whilst on the PC input but when I press the button on the remote, nothing changes. The mode seems to be restricted whilst on the PC input. I can either use "STRAIGHT" or "MUSIC", which does at least have a "7.1 Stereo" mode, but all this does is play the audio back at the same level from all speakers - there's no surround sound aspect to it.

Is anyone aware of a way to somehow use the "Decoder" function with a PC input, or perhaps some software I could install on my PC to handle that aspect on the computer? I'm thinking the latter is more likely going to be the solution here. Using Windows 10 if that matters.

Many thanks,

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