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Yamaha RX-V565 vs Marantz NR1501 vs Denon AVR1910


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Hi all,

really can`t make my mind up which one will be the best for my setup.

£238 Yamaha RX-V565 (will fit into current storage as per my current amp 4cm gap)
£279 Marantz NR1501 (easily fit into current storage with plenty of room)
£299 Denon AVR1910 (will have to buy a new a/v storage unit only 1cm gap)

B&W 603 S3 fronts
B&W 601 S3 rear surrounds
B&W DS6 di-pole back surrounds
B&W CC6 S3 center
B&W AS500 sub

PlayStation3 outputting into Neet HDMI splitter feeding the PH9 plasma and HD20 projector.

Which one would you get people and why?
Also looking at the Denon manual I can see that when your viewing standard 5.1 or HD 5.1 you can set the amp to enable the back surrounds to feed off the rear L&R surrounds, is this the case?

Thank you in advance.

Riz :thumbsup:
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Definitely go for the 1910 out of those choices.

The yamaha 565 isn't the same level as the others, you should be comparing the others with the Yamaha 765.

The 1910 and 765 are equal and on the same level so choice becomes a purely personal preference.

All are 7.1 amps so will run both surrounds and rear surrounds.


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Ive seen it for 238, digitechelectronics had it on for 230 but I left it too late :( worst case you can get it for 249 from sevenoaks.

Not sure which is best though, anybody?


best thing is to have a demo riz, on the marantz nr1501 thread on the first page boxrick clearly states that the marantz was able to drive his speakers to a louder volume without distortion than the 1910 which he owned that definately has to count for something.

alot of people are assuming that just because the marantz is slim its not as powerful as the competion which i think is the wrong way of thinking.

now i'm not saying that its super powerful although i think its got more than enough power for me, its also very robust and well built aswell as having a healthy weight to it which indicates to me that it must have good components inside.

i will say that it has a very good sound for music and movies which played a big part in my decision to buy it.:smashin:

i was also close to getting the 1910 but in the long term i knew that the marantz would suit my needs and space more. really only you can decide but it would be good if you could at least try to demo them for yourself.


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Right looks like the Denon AVR-1910`s are all out at £299, next cheapest I could find is £350. I think I`m definately swinging the Marantz NR1501 route as even with my current (70w) Yamaha DSP-A595a I never got past 50% on the volume knob.

Riz :)
the marantz goes from 0 to 100 and at 50-60 the volume is plenty loud and i'm using cheap although they sound pretty good speakers until i get the ones i want. another thing which was a good selling point to me was the clarity and crispness of the sound.

its also got one of the best remotes imo which has everything you need including bass treble lip-sync etc. when you want access to the onscreen menu just press the amp button on the remote then the menu button. which will display the osd when connected to either hdmi or component.:)
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