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Yamaha RX-V530 and Digital Coax Input

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by jock2, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. jock2


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    I bought the Yamaha RX-V530 about 3 months ago and the Mission FS1 speaker system everything was working ok. I had my TV, digi box, and VCR linked to the Amp by the usual phono cables.
    I have just got myself the new Sony KV36FS76 TV, my VCR was on the way out having had it for 7 years so I managed to get the LG-D1000 included in the price of the TV.

    The LG (combined VCR and DVD) connections are giving me problems this is my FIRST DVD player

    There are three differant outputs on it one normal phono for the VCR and two for the DVD one phono and one digital COAX

    There is no problem with the AMP when using TV or VCR linked by the PHONO cables the problem is that I have the DVD linked to the AMP by DIGITAL COAX it has to go into the input on the AMP marked CD as this is the only COAX input on the amp so when I play a DVD instead of selecting DVD as the input on the amp I have to select CD but i am only getting the normal stereo sounds output (PL2, 5channel stereo, jazz club, etc.)

    Why am I not able to get the 5.1 sound as the DVDs are Dolby Digital?
    Is it because I have the Coax going into the CD input? (That is the only COAX input there is on the Yam 530)

    HELP please

  2. cribeiro

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    Nov 2, 2002
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    A Spaniard in Germany

    I bought the same receiver two months ago or so, and I also use the digital coax for the dvd. I don't get any problem with it, and I actually select dvd whenever I want a digital signal.
    It is a matter of setup. First, press amp in your remote. Then, press "setup" (I am not sure about the name, but it is placed right under the button to switch between stereo and other modes) and you will get in a set up displayed on the amp screen. First you see "speaker setup". If you repeatedly press the same key "setup", it will go displaying other things about it, and one of the last ones will be "I/O ***" (I don't remember and I am in my office, sorry, I will update this tomorrow). Enter there with the keys right and left, and then the up and down to go choosing the different in and outputs. You can select that the digital coax labeled "cd" on the back will correspond to the digital dvd, and then forget about that.

    Once done this (read the operating instructions for a detail procedure, I cannot remember everything, sorry, but you can find it for sure there), you shouldn't have any problem to get digital, actually I think that even now you shouldn't have a problem... This was only in order to get the dvd input when you press dvd in your remote.
    So, are you sure that it is not 5.1? Did you check the logos that appear in the display? Which ones appear? I see that you don't have any problem switching between the stereo and the dsp modes. Actually, when the input is digital, you can have the 5.1 with all that dsp modes, and I suspect that it is what you are seeing, but I don't know... BTW, I would also connect the dvd by means of normal rca connectors (you call them phono?, I know they are called rca, but don't know about other names), because maybe you will play something with only analog output.
    Ok, I hope it may help. ASk me any further questions, please. I want to help, although I tend to be messy in my explanations...

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