Yamaha RX-V4A with Polk Subwoofer HTS-12


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I am not getting any signal between my newly received Yamaha RX-V4A and Polk HTS-12 subwoofer.

Here's what I've done
- I have a new RCA cable connected from RX-V4A (Pre-Sub Out) to HTS-12 (LFE port).
- Set the RX-V4A speaker configuration to Use Sub, set speakers to small, set crossover at 80Hz
- Did a tone test. I can hear all speakers, but when it goes to Subwoofer, no sound.

The HTS-12 is constantly blinking red light. When I unplug the power and plug it in, it shows solid Green light for about 15 seconds, and then it switches back to a blinking red light. The HTS-12 flip switch is set to Auto.

Any thoughts on what can I try?

Or is this a defective receiver or subwoofer?


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Have you another lead to try between the amp and woofer?

Does the woofer shut down after 20 mins as it is ought to?

Do you have another amp to try the (amp) line-out line-in (woofer) to see if its making any sound like on page 9 of the manual (woofer manual). Is there at switch for the twelve volt trigger. I cannot see one, so I'm expecting not

If none of these work, and what you have mentioned regarding your connections, then it may need to go back to the manufacturers as something could be up


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Thank you for your suggestion.

I tried another new RCA cable, it's the same issue.

The subwoofer goes into blinking red after 15-20 seconds. If I leave the subwoofer there for hours, it still blinks red non-stop.

I tried using a 3.5mm to RCA and connect it to the white/red RCA port. The subwoofer still blinking red regardless of what I do.

It is unclear what does a "blinking red light" really means. I couldn't find any definition for it.


Welcome to the Forum.

Blinking red usually means a problem. I had a quick look at the only online manual I could find and there is no trouble shooting section to speak of. If it's new I would return it to the dealer.


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After taking it back to the dealer and they tested the subwoofer, it is confirmed that something is wrong. The red light should not be blinking. They exchanged a new subwoofer and it works properly the moment it is connected!

Thank you all


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Same problem here with a HTS10, so I took it back to the seller.

Great! I just didn't expect a product like this brand new box will be dead on arrival. I hope you get a new HTS10 and I bet it'll sound fantastic! (mine sounds very good!)

Good luck!

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