Yamaha RX V4A Optical and EARC?

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Hi, I've picked up a Yamaha RX V4A recently and have fallen foul of the 120hz/4k shenanigans involved. Right now I have everything but my Sky Q box plugged direct into the TV and everything passes through fine from EARC.

The issue I'm having that changing from any source to EARC with Sky and the Yamaha is slower than an eternity watching Hollyoaks. So, I've had the idea to do audio from the Sky Q box into the Yamaha via optical, and leave my PS5 and XBSX using EARC. But can't find a straight answer for this being possible, nor can I see any nominated input for optical/TOSLink.

Is this doable, or is it a case of either/or with EARC and optical?


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You'd not be able to convey audio from a TV using both optical and ARC and you'd need to chosse which of those 2 digital output options the TV uses in the TV's sound configuration.

You can make a direct optical connection from a source to the AV receiver's optical input while ARC is enabled and delect that source independantly of ARC. You may need to reassign the optical input to another source other than its default though.

I'm at a loss as to what you are gaining by using the optical connection. Simply connect the SKY box to the AVR via HDMI and pass the video through and out to the TV. THe SKY box doesn'y handle or output video that your AV receiver wouldn't be able to handle.

Villanaurus Rex

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That's what I thought would work, but as there's no directly named "Optical" port on the Yamaha UI or display, I have nothing to refer to. The only other option is to use my optical on the TV direct into the AV, but I'm not sure if I'll get 5.1 from the Sky Q box that way, as I think it needs a direct connection.

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