Yamaha RX-V4A + Acoustic Energy Aegis EVO 1 = good choice?


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My whole life I've been listening to music and watching movies on my PC with a 25 inch monitor and midrange 2.1 speakers plugged into an onboard audio. Now I have a 55' TV and I started thinking about upgrading the sounds. I still want to use my PC as the source (force of habit). My goal is a 5.1 setup that can handle both movies and music in a small room (20 square metres) without enraging people in neighboring apartments, nothing fancy. I have no plans to become an audiophile either so I don't care about hi-fi and all that stuff.
I guess the best option I have is a receiver plugged into my videocard. My current pick is Yamaha RX-V4A (660 USD new where I live) and a set of Acoustic Energy Aegis EVO 1 which I can get for 340 bucks (used). I also have my eyes on a couple of used 175 USD subwoofers - Velodyne impact 10 and Cambridge audio CA609 (aka Minx X200) - I'll have to pick one, I guess.
So my question is - is this an okay setup? Or am I completely off the mark here? Maybe I don't even need a 1000+ dollar setup to begin with?

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