Yamaha RX-V481 - no sound


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I have encountered a problem with my Yamaha RX-V481 AV amp whereby it occasionally switches to headphone mode most often just as it is turned on thus resulting in no sound from the speakers.

The condition can be rectified by inserting and removing my headphones, whereby you can hear the click of it switching back to the speakers. However the problem often re-appears randomly.

Has anyone else come across this problem, and have you found a permanent fix?


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Hi there, I have this exact problem with the Yamaha RX-V481D AV amp. Thank you for the idea of plugging the head phones in! When you unplug them, you hear it click and the amp then works as it should.

Did you ever manage to resolve this problem?

Some other Yamaha models with slightly similar issues had problems with powder supply capacitors according to elsewhere on this forum?

Also, we went out shopping while this amp was turned on and in the state of not working and when we came back, the sound was on and the amp working,


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Well I don't know if the original poster is coming back but since I applied their "temporary" fix of plugging the headphones in and out, it seems to be a permanent fix. It hasn't gone wrong n about a dozen uses over the week. This isn't scientific so it could be the cold temperatures or something, or random chance. Let's hope it doesn't turn into a temperamental problem as getting them solved can sometimes be worse, e.g. working o
after wrong fix applied etc. Anyway, how can plugging something in and out a quite modern and clean hardly used amp, suddenly resolve what my guess was something to do with the power supply or the clicking relays?

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