Yamaha RX-v477 audio setup question


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I have search around a bit looking for a solution but either I’m looking in the wrong places or just plain don’t understand the language. I’m really having a hard time getting any decent sound out of my speakers regardless of scenes or modes that I set on the AVR. I use the system primarily to watch movies however dialog is very important. Here is a list of my gear.

AVR: Yamaha RX-v477
Input: 4th gen Apple TV
Speakers (LCR): Tanoy Arena 500
Sub: Focal sub6

I realize that this is something fairly easy for you home audio experts but I’m having a hard time understanding the language both on the forum and the manual. Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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It would help if you give more details as to what it is you do not understand and be more specific. It would require someone to basically write a book in reply to your post otherwise.
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I don’t understand the settings. To be more specific, I don’t know what theses settings should be.

When in setup mode > speaker > subwoofer (use)
Front (small or large?)
Center (small or large?)
Surround (none, small or large?)
Crossover (currently at 100hz)
Sub phase (Normal)
Extra bass (on) although I’m hardly getting any low end. Controls on the sub are at 100hz and volume is about 90%.

Setup mode > speaker > level > Front L&R are at +10db
Center 0db
Sub +10db
Seems like I shouldn’t have to crank the levels up that high just to get “ok” sound but I’d like confirmation on that.

Setup mode > speaker > equalizer > (off, PEQ or GEQ and adjust to my liking?)

I’ll probably have follow up questions if I can get help with these questions.
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If you've an active sub then it is ordinarilly suggested that yiou set the speaker size to SMALL irrespective of the actual physical size or the rated frequency handling of said speakers. You'd want to sert the associated crossover no lower than 80Hz if setting the speakers as being SMALL. What thios does is redirect all frequencies at and below the crossover setting away from the sppeakers designated SMALL and redirects these frequencies out to the active sub to deal with.

Basically, set all your speakers as being SMALL and use a crossover setting on the AV receiver no lower than 80Hz.

I'd tend to suggest leaving the sub phase set to normal as opposed to reverse, but you may want to experiment for yourselgf with both options. Some prefer the reverse phase option.

I'd not ordinarilly suggest you engage EXTEA BASS as this can give rise to bass boom. All this does is dup[licate the same frequencies being handled by both the sub and the speakers.

Note that you need to configure the sub on a certain way priot to running the AV receiver's YPAO auto calibration using the sup[plied mic. THe sub's frequency filter needs to be set as high as it allows or to a dedicated LFE option. Its phase should be set to 0° and its gain/volume should be set to about 10 o'clock and no higher than midway. Do not alter these settings on the sub after running the calibration. Also set the speaker sizes and crossovers on the AV receiver post calibration and not prior to the calibration.

Bother the speaker levels and the distances will be set by the calibration. You shouldn't need to mess with these, but you may tweak them if you really feel the need to do so. The AV receiver calibrates itself and sets the levels in accordance with standardised criteria.

I'd suggest you use the NATURAL or the FLAT PEQ. This is also configured by the auto caluibration. I'd not advise you mess with the manual EQ settings. The PEQ is the Parametric Equalisation and this is basically the room EQ correction. The mic measures the room's frequency responses and adjust the frequency bands to try give a flat respionse.
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