Yamaha RX-V467 vs Onkyo TX-SR309B


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Narrowed everything down to these, truthfully i cant afford the onkyo on my budget, but the one thing thats stopping me from buying the Yamaha is the music optimizer on the onkyo units, the lads in richer sounds said sound wise they are pretty much equal but the yamaha has punchier sound, does the yamaha have the music optimizer equivalent or a way to at least get the same result?

and what do you think of the two?? They will be used with Tannoy SFX5.1s or Jamo A102s

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The Yamaha is a level above the Onkyo and is the one I would go for. The music optimiser is more of a gimmick so I would not worry about that. Traditionally Yamaha recievers are better with music than Onkyo anyway so would not worry too much. Also if music is your priority you do not want to be getting one of the budget sub/sat systems you are looking at. Instead, if funds are limited, I would get a pair of standmount speakers to start an then get the other speakers as funds allow. This will sound so much better withn music and movies as well. You will not get full surround at the start but you will have a much better system in the long run.
If getting the Yamaha and you have to get one of the 2 speaker systems you mention then I would get the Jamo 102 as they are a popular pairing.


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Music isnt really a huge thing, just like to be able to connect it to my computer for casual listening, its mainly for movies and sky in my room


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