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I just purchased a Yamaha RX-V385 Friday evening and hooked it up, where I have a Cisco cable box, a Sony Blu-Ray player and an Apple TV connected to the receiver with HDMI cables and then sending the output HDMI to my Panasonic plasma TV. Two issues I've noticed:

1. Most of the time when I change the channel on the cable box, I get a green screen flash before the picture appears.

2. Intermittently, I get recurring static lines on the picture after watching the cable TV for a while but haven't yet experienced this with the Blu-ray player or the Apple TV.

I have the receiver doing HDMI passthrough in standby mode. The cable box's highest resolution output is 720p/1080i and the TV is capable of 1080p. The receiver supports 4K video. I did some research here and in other places and they recommended using higher quality HDMI cables. All the cables I am using are fairly high quality except for the one going from the cable box (which was provided by the cable company) to the receiver. I replaced it with better cable I purchased this afternoon but that hasn't corrected the problem.

Not long after I purchased the TV years ago I was getting a similar flicker when watching cable TV and I talked to someone at Geek Squad and he thought it could be a handshake problem between the TV and cable box. He recommended going through the cable box setup again but instead of selecting all the video output resolutions that are available which I had previously selected, to only select the highest option. That corrected the problem and it never occurred again until now.

I never had these issues when the cable box was connected directly to the TV aside from what I mentioned in the previous paragraph so I am thinking it may be the receiver. However, before I return it and get a different one, I want to know if there is any particular setting on the receiver I need to change.

Has anybody seen this problem before? Hopefully there is a fix for this as it is really annoying. I've noticed that when the intermittent flicker occurs, I can turn everything off except for the TV and it's still there. Turning off the TV and turning it back on does fix it, for a while.


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AS suggested, try using a different cable. I'd suggest you use one categorised HIGH SPEED and try to keep it as short as possible.

Anyway, if not experiencing the issue with all the sources then it is more than likely an issue with the cable box or one associated with the HDMI cable you are using to connect it. NOt sure as to where you live so cannot suggest a reliable HDMI cable, but if you've access to them then Amazon's own Basics HDMI cables are both affordable and reliable.

Note that just because issues aren't apparent when using certain combinations of equipment isn't a guarantee that the same cable will perform just as well within another scenario.


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I live in Phoenix AZ. The cable I just purchased is a Rockfish 4K Ultra HD and HDR compatible, 4 ft.

As for the other cables, I’m not sure if they are high speed. Would that be printed on the cable anywhere? The other cables are fairly good quality but are older and may not be high speed. If memory serves me right, they are somewhere between 3-5 years old.


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The speed or category isn't always printed on the cables unless they are offcially tested by HDMI org and certified as such. This isn't to say that cables that are not certified aren't up to the tak. Certification is just an indication that the manufacturer payed HDMI org to test the cable. I'd also not base a cables quality on its price. THere's no benefit associated with paying more for HDMI cables.

Anyway, if interested it the official categorisation of the cables and how to differentiate the officially tested cables from those that aren;t tested then this may be of interest:
HDMI :: Manufacturer :: HDMI 1.4 :: Finding the Right Cable

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