Yamaha RX-V383 - no sound when hooking up Technics SL-1900 record player (with Pyle pre-amp)


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Hey y'all, I've been fighting this for weeks now and I can't find a solution.

I have a Yamaha RX V383 (with bluetooth) receiver, and I just recently bought a Technics SL-1900 record player. The 383 doesn't have a pre-amp or phono input, so I also have a Pyle PP444 pre-amp that I bought with it. No matter what I do I cannot get sound to play from the record player to the speakers. Headphones plugged into the 383 work fine with the record player, it's just the speakers.

I have the Technics plugged into the Pyle, plugged into the receiver in AV2 (AV3 is what the receiver uses for ARC, which is plugged into the Apple TV. I have tried this with ONLY the Pyle plugged into the receiver, though.

I have one speaker, plugged into the Center section of the speakers.

Any ideas? One thing I haven't tried is using a plug that has L/R out of the Pyle into the single Audio 2 port. I'm assuming that would reduce sound quality (which may not matter if I have one speaker anyway). Any help is appreciated!


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Your record player will play through the left and right speakers, not the centre speaker.

Plug your speaker into the left or right output and you will hear at least half the audio, or you could set the audio processing to Pro-logic and it will send something to the centre speaker, although it will sound very strange.

Your amplifier doesn't have a mono mode to send the audio to the centre speaker if that is what you are trying to to. I would imagine that any TV or film sources sound very odd if all you are doing is decoding the sound to left, centre, right, then only connecting the middle speaker!

Buy some cheap stereo speakers off Facebook marketplace or something. These will still sound better than trying to get sound through just the centre!


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