Yamaha RX-V3800 v Musical Fidelity A5.5 + Monitor Audio RX2 leaves me Speechless


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In a thread in another forum I asked if I would here a discernable difference between the Yamaha RX-V3800 and the Musical Fidelity A5.5 Integrated Amplifier for 2 channel playback. All roads lead to definitly. I went as far as to state that if I could not here a difference it meant one of 2 things, either the Yamaha was superb or my hearing was shot.

The testing was done with a Musical Fidelity CD Player, Monitor Audio RX2 speakers which are my main speakers and of course the two Amplifiers. The disks used were 1 Carmina Burana (EMI) 2 The Track Tin Pan Alley, Stevie Ray Vaughn and All for you Dianna Krall. These are disks I am very Familiar with. Tin Pan Alley is a very good track to use as it has good bass, Vocals, Excellent guitar work and a exquisite drum track.

I was quite prepared to be critical of the A5.5 as I know my Yamaha is a superb reciever but I did not know just how I was going to be proved WRONG. The A5.5 absaloodle ate the Yamaha for breakfast, lunch and inbetween snack. the difference was quite literally night and day, from the bass control to the sweet top end, I was in music heaven. Needless to say I bought it on the spot.

Now onto the RX2,S. I had been advised that with an amp of the quality of the A5.5 I would have to upgrade my speakers. I was alaready thinking along those lines as there were aspects of my sound reproduction that were not quite what I wanted. (I have been thinking of the Utopia Diablos for a while but they are actually to expensive in this country)As I sat there listening to the difference between the Yamaha and A5.5 I saw $,s with wings before my eyes but I resigned myself to the fact that I would be going home today with a new Amplifier and speakers.

With the A5.5 hooked up to the CD player I began the listening session
I used the track Tin Pan Alley to test all speakers.
First Listened to were the JM Lab Focal 807V Double the price of the RX2
Second the Proac D2 Nearly 5 times the price of the RX2
Third and Last JM Lab Focal 826W-30 Nearly 6 times the price of the RX2

I didnt want to spend so much but was prepard to if the difference was the same as between the Yamaha and A5.5.

Well the difference was night and day. Believe it or not the RX2'S destroyed the other speakers ALL OF THEM. My dealer was walking around in a state of shock unable to believe what he was hearing as speaker after speaker was eaten by the RX2 packman. Not sure if we were hearing things or if we had both gone totally insane or deaf or both we brought into the room 4 different customers who were all looking for speakers. we didnt tell them why we were doing what we were doing, or why but simply asked them to give their opinion on which they thought sounded better. None of them knew which speaker was which. Without fail all chose the RX2 and 3 of them ordered a pair. Now I am not niave enough to believe that the RX2,s are the last word in loudspeakers but they are a damn fine speaker worth a darn sight more than the measly $1000 they cost, and as far as value for money goes probably very hard to beat. The A5.5 has brought out of the RX2's what I didnt think possible.

Once the shock wore off my dealer absaloodle refused to sell me a pair of speakers, he told me to go home and live with the Amp for a couple of months and then we would review possible speaker choices. One thing I do know that to improve on what I have I am going to have to drop some serious coin. will probably look at something like the Monitor Audio PL100 but that is for the future.

This brings me to one last point and it refers to the thread 25 best speakers where there was a vicious argument about speakers costing $1000 vs speakers Costing $5000 and up. Today has proved to me and to a number of others that cost is not an indication of quality, I will gladly recommend the RX2,S to everyone who wants a Stand mount speaker.


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