Yamaha RX-V363



Ok heres my problem, i have cable box hdmi and pc dvi to hdmi going into the Yamaha recv, the hdmi output to tv, and i also have the optical audio from cable box and pc going to the Yamaha, my problem is when i turn the amp on it delfaults to PCM 5 speaker but only 2 channel, i then have to goto the cable box setting and select dolby digital then the amp goes from 2 PCM channel to dolby digital 5 channel. if i shut the cable box off and or tv the amp stays at digital, if i shut the amp off then on it defaults my cable box back to HDMI in the audio setting. I read the manuel and tried the LAST setting but it does not work. why does my cable box audio setting change to HDMI? what am i doing wrong, any info would be greatly appriciated.
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