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Hello all,

My father-in-law has had this receiver for some time now but never properly configured it. Yesterday he asked me for help on getting music streaming from his computer to the receiver working and we got it fixed.

Net Radio, however, is another issue. When using DHCP settings it receives an IP from the modem/router combo my ISP provides and as said, streaming from the other computers in the network works without issue.

Net Radio just states "Not Connected".

When I turn DHCP off and fill in (or anything between 1 and 255, I guess) as the IP address along with the correct settings for Default Gateway ( and primary DNS ( in my case as seen in ipconfig/all), Net Radio AND streaming from the network works.

Problem is, it stops working. We tried Memory Guard setting but that does not stop Net Radio from working after a while.

The only solution I have found is going into Network Settings > DHCP back on > DHCP back off > change manual IP address by one number and it starts working for a while again.

This tells me it's something to do with DHCP not working properly and the fact that the IP I then assign manually to the receiver gets "thrown away" or something, I'm not a network expert.

The ISP however does not provide a router where I can reserve an IP for the receiver, instead it's some hybrid modem/router combination which can only be configured minimally through a web page (port forwarding, firewall, ...).

Any ideas? Sorry for the long post, tried explaining as best as I could and English is not my native language.

Thank you.

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