Yamaha RX-V2600


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Does anyone know an expected release date and or price for the uk?

I have found reference to it on the german site but nothing on the uk...


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Best I found was this:

130W x 7
Full Analogue Video Upconversion to HDMI
Deinterlacing and Scaling up to 1080i/720p (uses Oplus de-interlacer for 480i to 480p)
THX Select2
Dedicated Zone Remote Control
Fully Illuminated Main Zone Remote Control
Burr Brown 192kHz/24-bit DACs for all channels
Assignable Amplifiers for bi-amp connection or Zones 2/3
TBC (time base correction) for Component and HDMI outputs
2 in/1 out HDMI interface
HDMI 1.1 (supports DVD-Audio/DTS/DD)
100MHz component video bandwidth
GUI on-screen display
3 coax/4 optical S/PDIF inputs

Analog video upconversion to HDMI
Deinterlacing and Scaling up to 1080i/720P
Assignalbe Amps for bi-amp

All this for MSRP of $1399 :thumbsup:

I believe there's no iLink though (if that's important to you!)


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What's stereo music output like on this level of Yamaha kit? Is it as good as the likes of Marantz 8500???
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