yamaha rx v2600 for yamaha 763 is it worth the change


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Hi all im thinking of trading in my yamaha 2600 for a yamaha 763 so i can use the hd audio from my blue ray player which im getting next week with the svs speaker package is it worth my while. Or is there a way of doing it through the 2600.

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The 763 may give you the benefit of HD audio, but won't quite be up to the quality standards of a 2600, which the 3800 is the current equivalent of. Obviously over time, things improve a little, so you could probably get away with an RXV1800.


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Sorry to hijack the thread slightly.... I'm in a similar situation. I have the 2600 and have been looking at second hand 2700 or maybe a 3800 (although there is a big price hike) to replace my 2600 down stairs and the putting the 2600 in my bedroom.

My question are, have there been any major sound quality upgrades on the later amps or should I just pick up a bargain 2600 for the bedroom.

To me it looks like the 2700 and 3800 and the same but the 3800 does the HD codecs. I'm not really willing to pay loads more just the HD codecs but I would if there was a considerable increase in sound quality for both music and movies.

Dav1dF your comments would be appreciated.

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I suppose it depends what you can pick up a 2700 for.

I have to admit to not hearing a 2600 or a 2700 as the dealership i worked for at the time didn't stock them, but having heard standard DD decoded by a 3800 compared to a 2400, it seems clearer and more 'airy', to coin a phrase. Personally I'd rather bitstream out HD codecs and have the amplifier decode them, as a decent quality amp will have a better decoder than something like a PS3, and there's no conversion of any kind in the player. Some may say that BD players will decode better, but I'm basing this on the assumption that the majority are going to go for budget BD players, whose decoders obviously won't be quite as good.

So to sum that one up, if you're gong for a high quality BD player, a 2700 will do the job just fine. But if a budget player is destined for your rack, go for the 3800.

On paper, many of these amps will appear the same, but in practise is where the differences creep out. It's like saying that a Denon 4308 is almost identical to a Denon AVCA1HD......okay, maybe a slightly exagerated comparison, but hopefully proves my point.

Any speaker system can only sound as good as the amplifier allows them to, which is something many overlook, and then complain their system is lacking.

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