Yamaha rx-v2400: Home Bank memory settings without using the receiver editor software


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Jan 25, 2004
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The following is an extract from


It explains how to program the remote to switch YPAO settings easily.


It seems from your post you are accessing and using the Home Bank memory settings without using the receiver editor software.
If so, how do you do that?
I like the idea of different PEQ and level settings for different media.



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You need the extended IR codes for the RXV2400 from Yamaha's website, and AFAIK a 2nd learning remote is required.


On the RXv2400 remote, press the source select button (under the lcd) to select OPTN. Press and hold the learn button at the top of the remote for about 3 seconds until a hex number appears in the display. To set Home Bank A, you need to change the hex number to 7E2B, so use the up and down directional arrows to scroll to that number. Press Enter then and the receiver will save your settings to Home Bank A. All DSP modes for each input will be remembered as well, so set everything how you want it ahead of time.

To recall HBA, use the code 7E35. Repeat the steps above to get to 7E35 on the remote, then use your 2nd learning remote to learn that IR signal. Then simply transfer it back to your 2400 remote and save it to the button of your choice. There might be a way to save it to a button on your 2400 remote w/o using the 2nd remote, but I'm unaware of it, if it's possible.
After that, you just need to run YPAO and save it to Home Bank B, C, D, etc, and you now have multiple YPAO configurations for your receiver. You can do the same thing from the Receiver Editor 3.0 software as well, so it just depends whether your computer is close enough to run a cable to the receiver.

Where can one get the Receiver Editor Software?

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