Yamaha RX-V1800 - Hiss through R rear, then off !


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Hi all, tonight my Yamaha RX-V1800 developed a hissing sound through the right surround rear channel, sounding like an untuned radio was being fed to that channel only. The rest of the channels seemed OK for a short while, but then the amp switched itself off. I have been able to click it back on, but it switches off automatically after 2 seconds. I'm hoping it might be a fairly simple repair, but can anyone advise before I start call people ?

Thanks in advance.


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It's probably a fault, but just try a couple of things first:

Ensure the speaker cables are safely and securely connected at the backs of the amp and the speaker, with no stray strands.

If that wasn't it, disconnect the speaker at the back of the amp (but leave configured). If this doesn't help, get the amp fixed. If it does help, switch the surround speakers at the back of the amp to see if the hiss switches speakers. If it does, it's the amp, otherwise it's the speaker.


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Tried switching the cabling around and the fault migrated, so definitely the amp. It only powers up for 2 seconds at a time now, not long enough to actually fully boot up, so it's booked in for a check-up. Taking it tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice.


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Woo-hoo, got it back today. 4 transistors, a resistor and a capacitor cost me £10, but the hours it took to remove/replace almost the whole internals of the amp with over 80 screws and bolts due to the location of the faulty parts meant labour and VAT pushed it to £96 in total. Much more and it would have been uneconomical. Works as good as though, so happy !

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