Yamaha RX-V1500, bi-amp, 7.1 or both ?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Dane, Nov 29, 2004.

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    Nov 29, 2004
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    first post by me. I am getting the Yamaha RX-V1500 receiver tomorrow and would like your input how to get the best possible sound with stereo (cd) and surround for dvd.

    I have an Audiolab 8000S stereo amplifier which is about 6 years old. This amp can be used as pure power amp, pre-power split and integrated mode. Speakers are Mission 752freedom front, Mission 75c center and Mission 75AS subwoofer. new rear speakers (2 or 4) will be added.

    Which option would you recon will give me the best results for stereo (cd) and surround?
    1) use only the RX-V1500 in 7.1 configuration (4 new rear speakers then).
    2) use only the RX-V1500 in 5.1 configuration with fronts bi-amped to zone 2 (if someone can assist how exactly to set this up it is highly appreciated)
    3) use my Audiolab 8000s to drive the fronts alone, RX-V1500 driving center and 2 or 4 rears. this way cd's can be played directly from analogue output to Audiolab amp.
    4) bi-amp fronts with 8000s and RX-V1500 - which one for lows/highs? and run 7.1 configuration.
    5) other ideas welcome!

    your suggestions/advise id highly appreciated!


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