Question Yamaha RX-V1077 YPAO calibration issues with Sub

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    Sydney, Australia
    Fronts - 2 x Paradigm Monitor 11
    Rears - 2 x Paradigm Atom Monitor
    Center - Paradigm Center 3
    Subwoofer - Paradigm Ultracube 12 Subwoofer
    Amp - Yamaha RX-V1077

    I recently purchased the above home theatre package.
    Last night I was going through the calibration using the YPAO setup but was having a bunch of issues getting my sub calibrated. Initially the calibration was failing with the w3 level error.
    After doing some "googling" I eventually managed to determine this was happening due to the subwoofer and after playing around with the dials on the back I was able to get the system to calibrate.
    All the main speakers seemed fine but the sub configured at -10.0db and a distance of 0.3m (when it's more like 1.5m away).

    From reading the manual it suggested that the crossover frequency should be set to maximum on your subwoofer for testing but it doesn't have this dial unless Cut-off frequency is the same? What setting should I have the dials on for calibration (and should I leave them in this position after calibrating?)

    Other posts seem to suggest that maybe it's a subwoofer positioning issue. I may be able to move the subwoofer to the other side of the cabinet (it's currently just to the right of the front right speaker) but haven't yet tested this.
    See here YPAO subwoofer w3 level error calibration problems - AVS | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

    Alternatively do I just not bother calibrating the subwoofer via YPAO and set it manually?

    One final question, where do you adjust your speakers to 80hz? many people have mentioned doing this as part of the calibration.

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