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Yamaha RX-V1065, S-Video or not?


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I'm finding different pictures\specs of the the new Yamaha RX-V1065, some with S-Video input (AV5) and some without.

Can someone please clarify this for me.



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Yes, my UK model has a single s-video input on AV5. Didn't even notice it until your post, as all my pre-purchase reading had suggested s-video had been removed.

I've just looked at the (paper thin) UK manual, and it's in there too, although I'm not sure if you can find the UK manual online yet though.


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it's misguiding how some 1065's have it ie UK and some don't ie Canada.

I've even seen a UK website selling the 1065 and not mentioning or showing the s-video on the picture or spec. :confused:

Do EU models inc a S-Video and Int. Don't.


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It's not uncommon for UK (European) sites to use photos taken from a US (North American) version of a product. This is often done when a European version is released later, as it allows the web site to display a picture before the competition. The downside is the display of the wrong connectors (e.g. DAB vs Sirius).

The German Yamaha web site also lists 1 S-Video input.
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Mines is being delivered on Monday. Will post feedback once it's all connected up.


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Recommendations from this forum and the budget.

I only bought the 3805 as i knew someone working for denon therefore got 50% RRP therefore paid £500 for it. He don't work there anymore.

The setup in my sig is connected in my bedroom and didn't want to mess around with it as it's all working and connected up so thought i just but a new amp. Hopefully i won't regret it.

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