Yamaha rx v-667 5.1 problems


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I just bought a Yamaha rx v-667 used, and a speaker set, Soundware XS 5.1 for my home theatre.

When running the YPAO all speakers have sound coming through. Though when the test is over I get a W-3 error.

Anyways, I try to put on a surround test on youtube and it only goes through stereo (when going to the surround speakers audio comes out from the front).

Also, when watching a movie the audio is still not coming through the back speakers, and when the audio level jumps from low to high the whole system shuts down...

Does anyone know how to fix these problems? I’ve tried google for quite a while, but nothing seems to help...


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What are the speaker levels of the speakers after the calibration? A W3 error usually relates to a major/excessive difference between one or more of the levels.

Post the speaker levels here for further help.


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YouTube is stereo... so anyone posting 5.1 surround tests on there is pulling your leg.

Step 1 - check your cabling.
Step 2 - swap the speakers around, the Boston's are little and frankly, pretty easy to have damaged by being over driven at some point... does this help?
Step 3- what movie are you watching when the audio doesn't come through the rears? Is it on Netflix via a smart TV? Via a Blu-ray player? When you cycle through the info button on the remote control what sound format is shown on the front of the Yamaha receiver? Dolby? PCM? DTS?


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If getting a W3 error then the issue causing it will be more than likely one relating to the levels post calibration. The most likely culprit will be the level associated with the subwoofer.

As I suggested, please post your speaker levels here so that they can be assessed for issues that would cause the W3 error.

Rectifying the issue will more than likely involve making an adjustment to the subwoofer's own volume on its rear and then rerunning the YPAO calibration.

The other issues are as pointed out by Dunners relate to YouTube being nothing more than 2 channel stereo and more than likely an issue with the wiring of your rear surrounds? Make sure that the surrounds are connected t the terminals labelled SURROUNDS and not those labelled BACK SURROUNDS. I'd suspect a short, bare wiring or maybe even a fault with the receiver to be the cause of the receiver putting itself into protection mode? You may also be setting the volume excessively high and over burdening the receiver?
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