yamaha rx-a6a sound decoder issues


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I am new here and could use some knowledgeable help from those well versed in these high-tech receivers.
I have the a6a receiver connected to a sony xbr65a8h tv via e/arc I have enabled the e/arc and turned on hdmi on both the a6a and the a8h when I power on the tv and the a6a all comes up as it should with this exception.
on the a6a receivers' information screen it says tv and under its decoder off from there it flips back and forth from that verbiage to searching out each individual sound set be it ai or dd+ and so on until it finally decides which one to use this can take up to 12 seconds so is this normal?

I have factory reset both the sony a8h and the yamaha rx-a6a to see if I had somehow messed up a setting or had a corruption issue of sorts and I still had the same issue with this a6a seeking sound sets to use I have tried every setting I can find to see if anything within the settings of the yamaha a6a would help this and it has not.

I am on my second time of a yamaha second level person that so far has not contacted me to see if my a6a has a issue with the hdmi e/arc or?

I have tried 2 other hdmi cables from a blu-ray player and a roku player and had same results so I feel safe to say it's not a hdmi cable issue am using good cables with double shielding to make sure I had solid connections and so on.
on the sony a8h tv I disabled the bravia sync which it has two settings allowing a bravia compatible speakers and audio receiver to connect this did nothing cares less if on or off I did find a bravia sync list and it shows my blu-ray player and my roku player as connected but oddly it shows the a6a receiver as a blank meaning no wording saying its connected yet I ran the receiver setup that popped up on tv screen and all of that went well sound came out of receiver and to my speakers.

I am stumped as my forum name says am "so lost" other thing I can say is roku player when it and receiver powers up the receiver shows sound connected using pcm whatever that means and seems not to have this issue yet uses same e/arc via the tv.

so one other question how long of a time delay is there that yamaha has pre-set before the receiver actually connects to speakers as in allows the sound to come out of them. and with all the other feature settings why didn't they include a setting we could at least try to see if it was a time delay causing my issues they pretty much have a ton of settings that mostly I haven't a clue what they do and whatever they have them set at from factory I leave alone sometimes for we the not so tech savvy the words "less is more applies"
thank you in advance for any help or clarity on some or all of my questions

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