Yamaha RX A2010 Won't power after going in protection mode.


Hi All,

I have a Yamaha RX- A2010 receiver that keeps going into protection mode. Let me give you a quick summery of what I have done trying to get this receiver to work.
1) I have hooked this unit up in 3 different rooms and it will still go into protection mode, may be 5 minutes or 5hours before it shuts down.
2) When I try to do a factory reset it does nothing, red light is on next to main power button is solid red.
3) checked all connections at speakers (in all rooms I have hooked this unit up in) and it still goes into protect.
4) unplugged it for long period of time and when I did get it to power on I hooked up one speaker at a time over a full day and it worked fine until I turned it off and went to bed. Next day soon as I hit power it clicked and shut off after third time trying to turn it on it went into protection mode.
5) Brought it back to the guy I bought it from and he had it for 3 weeks and it worked fine. He did some power fluctuation tests on it and it was fine. got it home and it worked for a day.
6) all speakers are 8 ohm and brand new Yamaha speakers ceiling mount.
7) I have three other Yamaha receivers and have had no issues with them being hooked up in any of the rooms the RX-2010 has been hooked up in.

So the question is, what's going on with this receiver?

Also I have done the Tone, Strait, Main reset function and it does nothing at all.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Yamaha’s receivers have very good diagnostic mode.It will show you what is causing protection circuit to kick in.Try the below and take the note of the message shown at the start.Something like PRT DC....or PRT PS...


Wow it flashed so quick I didn't have time to read the full code but it was something like PRT, then after that it went to A1-1 DSP MARGIN. How can I get the first code to come up again.


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You have to wait until amp switch itself off again.Then try the above.Use your mobile phone and make a short video, this is what I do.
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