Yamaha RX-A1010BL -Vs- Onkyo TX-NR809 - Assistance Pls!


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Hey Guys,

RX-A1010BL vs Onkyo Tx-NR809, what's your preference?

I've spent the last 5-6 hours looking up for the best A/V receiver for what would be my new klipsch speaker system. I'll try to be as specific as possible in the light of the best opinions. Perhaps quite a few of you can relate or also share suggestions:thumbsup:

My Room/Equipment as of now:

- 15x11 closed door room. No neighbors to worry about:clap:
- 55 3D LED LW5700
- Sony 3D BDP-BX58
- PS3


Very likely to buy anytime now:

- Pending purchase: (2) RB-61 II Bookshelf Speakers, (1) RC-52 II Center Channel Speaker, (2) RS- 42 II Surround Speakers, (1) BIC Acoustech PL-200 Subwoofer
- Very likely addition in 3-4 more weeks: (2) RB-51 II Bookshelf Speakers for a 7.1 home theater
- (2) Klipsch AW-500 Outdoor Speakers

I initially wanted the quintet 3 speaker system with a 650w-sub, but after careful reviews and other members experiences online, I decided to go with what I believe would be a better complete home theater true-surround sound system for my small room and my current $2,500 budget.


My dilemma with the two AV receivers? Sound difference auto set-up. Thinking long term, I believe based on research, that the rx-1010bl would be better for durability and manual calibration as I've read you can't do that with Audyssey. I intend to have one of these receivers for at least 6-7 years. Also, there's a lot of reviews on amazon and read quite a few other reviews with horror warnings saying their Onkyo receiver blew up and the least issues with 'rating of 1', had smoke issues after set-ups. Of course, worst of the scenarios. However, yet to read a review on Yamaha having this kind of smoke issues or having temperature caused issues.

What's causing me to lean towards Onkyo TX-NR809:
- HQV Vida
- THD of .08 & 135w per channel (minimum difference between Yamaha's I think)
- Signal to noise appears to be better then Yamaha's
- Budget - better price at around $650 online ($150-$200 difference from Yamaha's)

My consideration of RX- A1010 is mainly:

- Brand/durability
- long term 'by-ear' manual calibration
- THD .06
- it has nearly the same features & benefits of the onkyo, except no HQV which is a biggie for me even if all my TVs are in HD/HDMI

I started my diligence from Midrange Home Theater Receivers - Best Home Theater Receivers - AV Receivers - Surround Sound Receivers Priced From $400 to $1,299

...however, I can't see ANY forum or website comparing these two babies at the same time. So I was wondering what you pro's and veterans think about my potential purchases according to my budget and room size for one of the above receivers. My main interest is SOUND with movies and my PS3.

Suggestions very much appreciated.

Thanks and happy new year:thumbsup:
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