Yamaha RX-2077 goes bang after first time switched on in over a year

Hi there, i have a Yamaha RX-V2077 that has sat on the TV stand for over 12 months not only unused but also not connected in any way due to moving. I had not had an opportunity to set it up and how the living room was laid out very little room to setup all the speakers, however eventually i have changed the layout and decided to hook it up. Now all i did was connect it to my Belkin power board that the TV and other AV devices are connected to and it immediately went bang and i could smell something had burnt yet the board didn't trip and everything else stayed powered on uninterrupted. I quickly opened it up and removed only the YG251-6 board, and on the back there was 2 burnt areas consisting of 6 blow current sense resistors, near 4 of those in close proximity to other another is a fast switching diode that surely must have been damaged though visually appears fine, i have also marked the bottom of the Power Mosfet, because on the top side there is a lot of corrosion on its legs into the board and the same can be said for the legs of the transformer it faces, it looks like there has been some condensation going on there between the 2 because nowhere else appears like it the rest is clean including the thermistors i have noticed in so articles users are skeptical about. So what can i do here, i have a friend who can literally repair anything like this if i get the components the problem i am facing those is those 4 current sense resistors in close proximity to one another don't appear listed in the parts guide of the service manual i acquired so i am at a bit of a loss to what i need to get, i do not have enough knowledge of this kind of gear to know what was the cause, so is it worth getting the right parts if i can figure that out or purchase the following from Yamaha:
Part Number: ZK637200
Description: PCB Assy Operation RXA2040, RXV2077
Availability: 2pces
Price (inc. GST & Delivery): $286.70

One last question should this unit come back to life, has anyone done any cooling mods on these because they get bloody hot! Surely a couple fans in the section seen in Yamaha 3 (image) covering the outer edges of the transformer and the passive heat sinks would be of benefit.



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You could look for another rx 2077 or find out with other Yamaha uses the parts you need in tact or try contacting Yamaha? Do they have a Facebook group you can ask?

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