yamaha PX8 for home theatre system...


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Hi Gurus,

I currently have a yamaha CS5200 & Arcam PA720 for my 5.2 setup. However I am planning to run further speakers for Atmos. Please could you suggest that a professional yamha PX8 stereo power amplifier could be used to drive my front floor standers, leaving the rest of the channels in PA720 to run my atmos and other speakers.

I am not sure about a professional power amp setup with AV receiver, couldnt find any videos on youtube or any other source suggesting a working model of this kind of setup. Not sure how the audio controls will work, can I stil use one remote from my AV to control the audio all together? as I can see PX8 has individual audio controls to control each channel.

Please share your thoughts, appreciate your help.

Joe Fernand

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The only potential ‘issue’ with the Pro amp is that they include fans which could be an issue if they are within earshot of your seating.


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