YAMAHA Package (RX-V365 + NS-P270) OR separate RX-V465 + NS-P270


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Hi folks,

I'm planing to get a surround system for my new TV-set.

My equipment is the following:

  • Samsung UE40B7020, 40' LED-TV
  • Sony PS3 Slim

As I already have one with the PS3, I don't want a HTIB that comes with a DVD/blu-ray player.

After some research I found the YAMAHA HTIB-109 (RX-V365 + NS-P270), which seemed like THE solution at first.

But after some more reading I found out that the RX-V365 does not support audio over HDMI, and also no TrueHD. The lacking of a TrueHD decoder should not be a problem I guess, as the PS3 has one integrated and could then send the decoded signal to the receiver over LPCM as described in this very nice engadget article. But no audio over HDMI, this means I will have to hook up the audio of my PS3 over TOSLink.

I read that audio over HDMI is better. Will this really be notably worse?

Alternatively I have thought about getting a YAMAHA RX-V465 + NS-P270 speakers separately. The RX-V465 supports TrueHD and therefore also audio over HDMI.

Unfortunately there is quite a difference in the pricing of those two solutions. I will post the prices in Swiss francs, as I live in Switzerland. 1 CHF is about 1 USD at the moment, just so you know.

Those would be the costs:

  • YAMAHA HTIB-109 Package (RX-V365 + NS-P270)
    Total: CHF 623
  • Separate (YAMAHA RX-V465: CHF 459, NS-P270: CHF 458)
    Total: CHF 917
So I'd pay extra CHF 294 just to get the better receiver, with the same speakers.

What's the verdict on this, is it worth it? Or would you suggest a completely different solution?

Thanks for you help!


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The 365 not only doesn't decode HD audio, it won't accept LPCM over it's HDMI inputs.

toslink doesn't support HD audio as it doesn't have enough bandwidth.

Go for the 465. The 365 is completly lacking for the HD audio you can get from your PS3 Slim.

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