Yamaha or Marantz?? Need some help




I have about £400 (€550) to spend on a system. Having decided to go the seperates route I am trying to decide on what amp and Speaker package combination to buy.
I want my Amp to be the control centre for all my A/V Needs. (ie) DVD, Cable Box and Video.

AMP: Narrowed the field to two Manufacturers.

Yamaha RXV-540
marantz SR4400

Also considering the yamaha HTR-5640, but have read that the lack of S-VHS will compromise my need to have the amp as the video control centre for the system?

Any thoughts?

As regards speaker packages, I was thinking about the following

Eltax Sprectrum
Yamaha NSP100
Limit HC 40

Any Thoughts?


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Have you found them and asked for a demo?? This is really the only way to choose if you like the way they sound. I would imagine you are looking in richersounds, just ask to listen to them im sure they will be willing to help.


Hi DFour,

Thanks for the advice.

Checked out a Yamaha 540 versus the Marantz 4300 and have gone for the Yam.

Main reason, Better S-VHS capability mainly.

Have found Richer sounds very helpfull as well, they gave me good advice on my speaker package to keep me in Budget.


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Glad I could help :smashin:

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