Yamaha NSP-110 compatibility and wall mounting


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Hi everyone. since i now have a half decent amplifier that i got for £55 (yamaha dsp-ax620) and have no speakers for it, i need to get some and these look like a decent contender.

First things first, i'm not even sure if these will work with the amplifier that i bought, so could someone please tell me if they do? thanks.

Secondly, if anyone here has these or has had them in the past, could you please tell me whether you can sort of hang them on the wall with a screw? or do you need a proper mount? not saying anything about quality, i just need it to stay there.

Thanks everyone.


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I currently own this budget speaker package and have had a look at your amp. Says it powers 90 watts per channel and your speakers n sub go to 100 watts per channel max. as i own them i don't think you'll have any problems. there not bad sounding for a small satellite speaker set and provided you don't crank the amp up to stupid levels these should last you a while. I have mine on some stands. Have a look on ebay if you want to go down this route as their are some sub 50 quid sets depending on your tastes if not there is a hole in the rear of the speakers that will allow the trusty screw in wall hanging method.

I hope this helps


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