Yamaha NS - P110 standby problem


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I have the Yamaha AV package 57 (RX - V357 and NS - P110) and all is good apart from one annoying problem - I cannot get the sub to "wake" automatically from standby.

I have upgraded the lead from amp to sub to a good quality OFC, but still no joy.

I tend to have the volume on the amp set fairly low (-35 to -40) and the control on the sub set to 3.

Any ideas :lease:


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I found on the sub in my yamaha set it would do this and also set itself to sleep quicker than i would like, as my sub was by the door i just turned it on when i was using it and off when i left the room, didn't bother with auto.


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Think I have cracked it.....

I have turned up the Bass on the amp otself via the tone controls and turned the volume down on the active sub to compensate.

Tested last night and all seemed ok!!!

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