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Hello people!

I decided to write a short impressions review about the Yamaha NS-B750. I'm doing this because I found almost 0 information (review-wise) about them and after spending a lot of time in the audition room at the HiFi store, I ended up choosing those above many more popular bookshelf speakers.

The only thing I was certain about when picking my new stereo system was the source. I started from the Yamaha R-N803D Receiver. The reason I chose it is because of a mixture of reviews, functionality, amp and dac quality and design.

Then I proceeded testing a few sets of bookshelf speakers on it.

I actually initially was interested only in the Monitor Audio Gold 50, Monitor Audio Silver 100, KEF R300 and KEF LS50, Klipsch RP600 (judging by the reviews and impressions I've read online), but as I got there and was going through the speakers, the nice guys at the HiFi store told me there's no booking after mine and suggested (and ultimately installed) a handful of additional bookshelf speakers, which were:

Yamaha NS-B750
SVS Prime Bookshelf
Wharfedale REVA 2
Triangle Titus Esprit EZ

I don't want to make this review TL;DR, so I won't go into the specific of how each speaker compared. All I can say is that the HiFi store offered me the same type of discount for each of these speakers + the Yamaha receiver, so there was no price incentive in my choice, just sound.

And that's why I ended up with the Yamaha NS B750. It's important to note the songs that I used for testing, which reflect my (quite varied) musical preference:

Steely Dan - Aja (soft rock)
GoGo Pengiun - Bardo (modern live instrumental)
Nils Lofgren - Keith don't go (instrumental guitar live)
Cabaret Nocturne - Blind Trust (techno)
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Ten Walls - Italo (powerful techno)

I tested these songs because I literally am the type of person that will listen, in one day, to anything from a powerful "boiler room" type techno to a playlist I have comprised only of Movie Scores (Because they sound amazing and are well mastered).

The reason, ultimately for which I was surprised that I quite clearly preferred the Yamaha 750s compared to the rest (especially considering that it seemed the least "popular" and before hearing it I was VERY "judgmental" on account of literally 0 reviews online), is something I later found out how to describe - from the Yamaha website and the speaker description - namely, Natural Sound (which is basically what the "NS" series Yamaha products stand for).

I know, I know, it's just marketing, and in reality it doesn't matter how a manufacturer boasts their product through pompous naming, but I can assure you, from my ear, the 750 was head and toes superior to all of the above when it came to instrument reproduction, ESPECIALLY piano guitar and saxophone, it had excellent voice reproduction, and the bass, although NOT the deepest form the bunch (and I came in looking for the speaker that has the deepest bass as a main feature), it's VERY accurate, tight, and rather full. It basically had all the characteristics, vs the aforementioned speakers, to give me the biggest smile and feeling when listening to the wide spectrum of genres that I enjoy.

There were, however, 2 additional speakers that I listened to which I must confess, did sound BETTER to my ears than the Yamaha's, but were out of my budget:

The Sonus Faber Verne 1.5 and the Triangle Comete Esprit EZ. The Triangle sounded a tad clearer, although the voices were maybe A BIT more recessed, however the Sonus Faber, which is the most expensive from the couple, was indeed better. Same level of instrument detail, but with deeper bass and more meat / wider soundstage. But it basically almost double the price.

Hope people find this review helpful. I'm doing this because I ended up choosing a speaker that has virtually no reviews compared to the competition online, and it'd be a shame for some of you to go to a hifistore and ignore this one compared to other speakers, like the Monitor Audios which have a ton of reviews, but are not the -best-, IMO.

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