Yamaha N803d + S303 sound issue


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I have owned the set of N803d + S303 since Oct 2021. A few days ago I noticed an issue with sound when listening to CDs longer than more or less an hour. Basically, whenever the CD runs for around an hour, strange crackles can be hear from the speakers - it sounds as if you were chaning the band while listening to the radio. Pressing pause and play does not help. I have to press stop, the CD players then gets back to the first track and then if I rewind to whatever track, the sound is good again. It does not happen for Spotify, radio or TV (via optical or BT). The quality of the CD is good - brand new cds out of the box and the issue happens only when the cd lis longer than circa 60 minutes.

Has anyone experienced such an issue?


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As you have both digital and analogue inputs/outputs on both electronics, you could try optical/coaxial or analogue depending upon which on you are using to see if its an issue with one side of the CD Player or maybe even an odd cable issue

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