Yamaha Musiccast 20 as rears filters out voice when playing stereo sound


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Soo i got the Yamaha bar 40 + Sub 100 & 2x musiccast 20 setup and they work very well! I love the stability and flexibility of the entire Musiccast platform.
But i have a very annoying issue; When playing any stereo source on the surround sound setup, the 2 rears will try to filter out voices. i understand that this is being done for "basic stereo video". but this also means that it does this when playing something like spotify, radio, music, etc. the down side is that this filtering gives a bad experience by just lowering the mid and high tones when it recognizes a "voice" sound. It just sounds like someting is lowering the volume every time it "thinks" it hears
a "voice", which it doesn't detect very accurately.

So my question is: How do i disable this behavior when the Surround sound setup is active.

I've searched high and low and can't seem to find anything out there :(
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