Yamaha multi region problems.

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I bought a Yamaha DVD S540 from RS a few months back.

I am very pleased with the device overall.

I paid extra at the time for a multi region version. The chap in the shop said that although they are multi region they only come half hacked and you still need to do a remote hack to activate it.

What a load of ****. The remote hack to 'activate' the multi-region upgrade is the same hack as the ones posted on the internet for none-modified S540's !

Looks like all I paid extra for was the photocopy of the hack.

Plus.....the flaming thing does'nt work.

I bought my first region 1 disc a couple of weeks ago. Jaws.

I do the hack - open the drawer, 99990 or 99991 on the remote then close the drawer. Insert disc - wrong region.

Some hacks say power off then on after putting in the code - still no good.

Has anyone succesfully got their S540 to read a region 1 disc?

I am contemplating contacting RS today as I do want to be able to play multi-region. I will be a bit miffed if I have to swap the player though as it is a little cracker.


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Stick with this model, as it is a good unit. However, I would demand a replacement based on the fact that you paid extra for a hack which wasn't required (you were lied to), and the fact that the hack doesn't work. In Australia these units come in already region-free (including RCE) but I do know of some stores who charge extra for "hacking" this unit, which basically involves telling the customer to come back in half an hour while their "techhies" work on it!!.
I would hold off for a couple of weeks as the new S550 is due out - not much different but has Divx playback which is nice.
Markie Boy


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I've got one of these and it is Multi Region and RCE all the time.

Bought it locally and they remote hacked it in the shop before I took it away, plays everything first time no problemo.

RS will sort you out I'm sure.

'The less freaky' Techno

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Just phoned RS.

He gave me some line about it maybe not have had the required firware upgrade.

He said to bring it to the store and they will sort something out.

Fingers crossed........

Techno, do you have to re-hack for each different region then? Or can you just shot any old disc in?



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Mine was already hacked, I asked for a R2 only (as I had seen the post for m/r here as well) but they said they dont sell them anymore.

Didn't RS try to talk you out and buy a CA device instead??

I have played R1/2 and RCE with no issue, I like the player but dont like some of its controls. I got used to pressing the eject button to a, turn it on and b, eject the tray, but you have to seperately turn on and eject. Got the pronto to do it for me now though.

Genreally RS are good at taking stuff back and sorting these things out though.

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