Yamaha htr2071 arc/connection problem


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I have finally got my new yamaha htr2071 to work with my new panasonic hx940 tv, passing tv sound to the avr through hdmi. I have skyq box connected direct to the tv, and use freeview from the tv. Set up like this all is good, I can select tv sound or home theatre sound on the tv menu, and the avr switches on when home theatre is selected, and both the sky box and freeview pass sound to avr via arc, both dolby and pcm. My problem is the blu Ray player (panasonic) and media player (himedia q10 pro) which I have connected direct to the avr using hdmi 1 and hdmi 2. When connected like this I cannot select home theatre on the tv menu, and the auto on/off of the avr doesn't work, and the tv doesn't switch to the sky box when the sky box is switched on. If I remove the cables to the avr from the blue Ray and media player all works as expected. Must I connect the blu Ray and media player direct to the tv to get the auto on/off working, even though I would like to keep the cabling simple and connect to the avr direct?
Sorry for the long question, just trying to give a good description of the problem.

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