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I need help with troubleshooting this Yamaha HTR5450 AV Receiver. When press Power ON, it shuts off within a sec. I downloaded the manual, and refering to the manual I entered the self diagnosis mode. In this mode, it shows "PS PRT 060" . Upon opening up the amp, the +5V and +12V regulators were blown. I replaced them and then it started working normal. The sound on the left channel was intermitent and I realised it was the relay contact, so opened up the whole amp and replaced the relay. Now after putting back the amp, it powers up and turns off within a second again. In the diagnosis mode it shows "PS PRT 000". upon entering the sub menu it shows "DC > 026 PS > 000". I think it indicates a power supply problem, but upon checking , all the regulators are OK and the +12V, -12V, +5V and +25V and -25V are present. the high voltages to the power amp read +54V, -54V. I do not understand why it is showing PS as 000. Can someone please assist.



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I believe "DC" error means that DC output is being detected from any of the power amp channels. Put the multimeter's probe on each of the large, usually 0.22 Ohm resistors to find which channel is faulty.
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