Yamaha HTR-2071 and Yamaha NS51 5.1 Channel Speaker Package


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I recently purchased today a Yamaha HTR-2071 along with a Yamaha NS51 5.1 Channel Speaker Package.

I struck a good deal at Harvey Norman bargaining the Speaker package down from $895 to $750 and the Receiver down from $500 to $295.

My question here is does the HTR-2071 give enough power to the sound package purchased? Or was I expecting more from the NS51 5.1 package?

I currently have them all set up forward of the lounge, with the virtual cinema front turned to on. I currently have the 'distance' all set to 2.2m (I am only guessing that is distance from me to speakers and not between each speaker?) They are all pretty much side by side.

The audio cables that came with them are very thin, maybe 2mm at best, Would this affect the volume production?

I have the HDMI ARC plugged straight into my HDMI ARC input in TV, with a mid to low range ($20) HDMI cable I purchased 4 years ago.

The volume settings whilst watching TV is at level 53 (at time of typing this) the sound is crisp and clear but volume level is pretty average at best. My question is, have I underpowered the speaker system with the HTR-2071 or are there settings I'm missing or have I done something wrong? The sound system I used prior to this was the Logitech Z-5500 and they were absolute BEAST MODE, sadly after 15 year in I have had to retire them.

Thanks in advance!


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You usually get what you pay for.. The receiver is ok partner for those cheap budget speakers. Subwoofer is sadly quite poor. Would there have been any other options in same price range for either speakers or receiver?

I`m not sure does that Yamaha receiver come with microphone for auto setup which measures speaker distances from listener to speaker and sets levels etc. You should run that first. Then check from menu that all speakers are set Small (speaker size). For crossovers you have to go with the smallest as Yamaha has only one option for all, so perhaps 100hz would be good starting point.

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Your Room, seating layout and expected volume levels will dictate if you require more power or not.

Your layout sounds very odd - do you have pics of how the loudspeakers are laid out?



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I didn't realise $895 AUD nowadays is considered budget speakers, I knew it was one of their lower tier speakers. I am disappointed with the Subwoofer also.
To be honest with your question about "Would there have been any other options in same price range for either speakers or receiver?" I had a brief look, but nothing came to mind. My internet searching did not bring too much info at all. I had some yamaha speakers growing up and they always gave bang for your buck, now it seems you have to go into the $2,000's or higher.

I haven't come across the Auto setup, it doesn't seem to have the option in the menu.
All the speakers settings are set to small, the crossover was set to 160Hz, i have changed it to 100Hz, I have not noticed a difference?
With the Program output I am using the 5ch Stereo, as all speakers are up front.

I appreciate your input.

Hi Joe,

See attached photo. I don't think it's an odd set up? My couch is seated 2.2m back from the speakers. I can't set the two smaller Surround Speakers behind as it's not practical. That is why I've had to turn on the Virtual Cinema Front.


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If the middle wooden base inside that unit can be removed i would have put the Yamaha receiver inside there and moving the center channel on top of the unit. Also i would put the subwoofer in the front left corner to get the boundary gain helping it perform better, unless it sounds too boomy there. Also i would push main speakers 2,2m apart from each other (same amount each side to center channel) as they now likely around 1,8m if you have 65" tv?

That whole 5.1 system is questionable as you not gaining the benefit of the extra channels when they placed at front together.

Press "Straight" on the remote so you get the surround modes working, then it should say Dolby Digital / DTS or Dolby Digital Plus if you watch some streaming movies (Netflix etc). If you watch blurays then you are missing the HD audio (lossless) with this receiver. I`m not sure why this model is still being sold, it`s very low and limited with features and everything. What is the next model available there? Yamaha RX-V4 i would assume.

Joe Fernand

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Yamaha system - should be more than capable of delivering a decent sound in your lounge.

Loudspeaker Layout.

Centre Channel - as Gasp3622 suggests swap the AVR and Centre Channel around and place the Centre channel on top of the cabinet with its front edge at the front of the cabinet.

Front LR - clear space along the front wall and experiment with how far apart you place them, currently they look too close together.

Surrounds - I’d stick back in the box if you can’t place them to the side of your listening position and run the system as a 3.1 system.

Sub - again experiment with position and level.

Speaker levels - you can add an App to your mobile to help you manually set your speaker levels, it will also give you a decent indication of the actual level you are achieving ‘in room’ at your seat when viewing TV/Movies or listening to music.



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For best results setting the levels of your speakers and subwoofer you need C-weighted (dBC) SPL-meter with slow response. This looks good:

The newer av-receivers from Yamaha comes with microphone and on-screen setup where it measures the speaker distances (delay), sets levels and applies some room correction (YPAO). That is why i asked if you have model even some RX-V385 available for only little bit more it would be much easier for newbie person to setup the system plus of course the unit itself would have more support/features/connections than yours. I`m suprised such low unit is being still sold, very cheap and out of date almost really.

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