Yamaha HTiB45 or Pioneer DCS-303?


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I think I got it down to these two options plus a possible for the Sony HT-SL5A or the HT-K25 upright.
The Yamaha has the better amp (RX430RDS) but I read that the speakers (NS-P220) where not so good at high volumes.
The Pioneer gets good reviews and is more compact with a reasonable output. Any advice welcome. Thanks.


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I've got the Yamaha and am happy with it. Mind you I don't get to turn it up often. The speakers are not going to be the best at that price, but I may upgrade later.

The receiver seems to do all I could want for now.

I haven't heard the Pioneer, but I did suggest it to my dad as a possible all in one system for him. It seems to be good value and has all the features I would go for including DPL2.

Can you get a demo somewhere? I expect it's not so easy with the budget end of the market.


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Hi bakerrev
I had the yamaha hti-box45 the amp is great the speakers less so but still good value.Have since upgraded the speakers to mission m71i m7c2centre m7ds rears relq150 sub and the amp sounds even better so if i was you i would go with the yam as its a better option for upgrading which iam sure you will do when you get bitten by the bug;) gonzo


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Thanks for the replies and comments. Very helpful.

I guess the upgrade path is always a good one to keep open - and the bug will no doubt bite :p

The Yam would require a DVD player to cost in the price. I just returned an Asda one for a refund so am £90 up

Any users of the Pioneer out there? Are you pleased with the result? Is the DVD a good stable player?

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