Yamaha HTiB receiver


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Anyone know if the receiver in the HTiB-45 (HTR-5540RDS) is actually the RX-V430RDS in disguise? The specs seem to be pretty much identical.

I'm considering the package as a cheap option. I could always upgrade the speakers later, but I'm sure someone will suggest a better alternative.

I've seen the HTiB-45 for £320 and the 430 for around £200, so that's about £120 for the Yamaha speakers and sub. I'd like something like the Mission FS1 or 2, but that's a couple of hundred more. Yes I have seen the FS1s at QED.



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According to the Yamaha catalogue, they are one and the same, just different colours. Coudl cross reference teh Yamaha web site to double check.



Steve, yes the HTR-5540RDS is the Titanium version of the 430, I know because I received mine from SuperHiFi at the beginning of the week.
£216 inc. postage, great service and a gorgeous looking receiver ....


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Well I've been and gone and ordered one now from Unbeatable (£321)

After that I saw this


They say the 5540 is the same apart from the colour, but it also has a different remote.

I'm looking forward to finally having a proper surround system. I've had Pro-Logic for a while, but I'm expecting a major improvement.

The issue now is which DVD to try first. The Phantom Menace pod race is a likely candidate. Fellowship of the Ring will get a spin as well.

I'll try and report back next week after I've had a play.


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