Yamaha Htib-45 vs Videologic Digitheatre DTS



Hi guys, :D

after much pondering, searching, soul searching and a bit of detective work I finally narrowed down my home cinema choice to

(1.) Yamaha Htib-45

(2.) Videologic Digitheatre DTS

now (1.) retails at £350 from HifiBitz but they don't expect any in stock till around October (and that's IF Yamaha deliver on time)

plus I would ideally like to purchase the Yamaha since it is upgradable wherease (2.) is not .

anybody know a place I can buy the Yamaha from (ie one that has it in stock) at a decent price ?

Also how good is the Digitheatre DTS, since I am getting quite impatient and may buy that if I can't wait for the Yamaha!
Only thing is its a bit ugly and not upgradable!

thanks in advance

The Videologic Digitheatre DTS is actually quite good, it's a huge step up from the non-DTS version - but it's just for a small room or medium volume listening. I have one connected to a computer at home, and the sound is nice.
from a biased POV I would say go for the Yammy - makes sense to get everything all in one go and like you say, gives you upgrade choices later on.
Yamaha have just released a whole load of new all in one packages, check out this months What Hi Fi for details, and you should be able to get them for less than the £350 you stated as well. And yes, they are seperates :)

I had the DigiDTS as my first home cinema setup, and very good it was too, but I found it a pain when i wanted to upgrade, which is why I would say stick with the seperates route :D
I also have the Digitheatre DTS and have always been impressed with it. In fact when I give people demos, it still knocks my socks of with it's solidity of sound at volume (which I don't crank up that often due to neighbours!), and effects steering ability. I am now looking at upgrading so the whole package will have to go (a chap at work is going to buy it).

It has given me three years of great service and I would thoroughly recommend it.

Having said that, the Digitheatre DTS is now a little long in the tooth and is without PrologicII which the Yamaha packages offer. So going for separates with the upgrade path more readily available could well be the best way to go!

The choice is yours?! :rolleyes:

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