Yamaha DVD-S540 or Sony DVP-NS930V ??????




Which of these prog-scan players would be best with a Panny PW6 plasma display?
I know the Sony is more expensive, hence better, but does the Yammy keep up with it?
Could I save money and get the same performance and then get better inter-connects?
SACD playback is not important! Just picture quality in prog-scan (PAL and NTSC).



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if the main factor is ps pq, Yamaha is no match for sony i'm afraid. you can check both units tested here . the site is in German, but the test figures are clear. lower values are better.



Nice one, thanks for that!

Now........would my money be better spent on a 730 rather than the 930?

Is it true that they have the same insides except for SACD playback?

Is the 730 a good match for the Panny PW6 display?


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check the same site again. 730 is tested as well. it is basicly the same hardware apart from SACD, but 930 shows a bit better figures for picture and sound. 930 is also a QS whatever it really means. in some other test, in a paper mag, they rated 730 and 930 equally for pq while 730 stayed behind with sound. the decision is yours i'm afraid. i have the same dilemma, but i'll probably go for the bigger brother.
i cannot comment on your plasma, but i'm not sure you really have to match it with a player. when it's good, it should give good results on any display, unless of course it doesn't :mad: for some strange reason. the only way to be 99% sure would be to put them both together.


QS refers more to the build quality and the technology of how the case is built, power supplies, and component quality.
ES is another step further...



Now you really HAVE put the cat among the pidgeons!!!!!

What a babe of a DVD player! And it's Harman Kardon!!!!!

AND it's cheap(ish)!!!!!!

I am going to lie down!


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Recently got the 730 and Im impressed with the pic quality, especialy in progressive scan considering the price/build/size/weight of it.

If you dont care about SACD then I highly recommend it mate, esp if you can get it for less than £150.

Tony Randal

I hope no-one minds this slight de-rail but I have a couple of questions about players mentioned in this thread:

I'm torn between getting the Yamaha s540 and the Sony 730. Since my display will only accept an NTSC progressive signal, I'm interested in the Yamaha's ability to output PAL as NTSC progressive (which I understand the Sony does not do).

Basically, how does a PAL signal look when converted to NTSC progressive as opposed to it's native non-progressive mode? This function is the only thing stopping me getting the Sony, so I'm curious if the difference is that noticeable. If it makes any difference, I already watch all PAL + NTSC discs with my TV (Tosh 32zd26) set to progressive mode (I guess it has some sort of internal psuedo-progressive algorithm).


Hi Tony,

If I were you, I'd start a new thread with that question, the right people will spot it and help you out with it.

Hope this helps,


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