Yamaha DSPAX620 vs DSPAX630SE



I had a DSP620 on my shopping list and thought I'd check out the Yamaha website to see if it was the latest model - whereupon I found the DXP630SE - its about an extra £100-£150 depending where you shop - but is it worth the extra cash? Has it superseded the 620 and does the extra investment make it a little more future proof?

Can anyone help me?




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The 630 has prologic 2 which the 620 doesnt, it creates 5.1 sound from a stereo source, great for tv and video games.

(i think thats correct)

Dont know about much else as ive never looked at the 620


Cost an extra £100 for the 630 ( £296)

It has more features so yes its worth it.

I upgraded from the 620 to the 630 but in the end i didnt really notice a difference or think it worth it, so for anyone else considering that upgrade id say stick with your 620 for the time being, its a great amp.

But buying new i would say yes, youve got to get the 630 simply because its the newest model


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Markster, what about upgrading from older Yamaha? I've recently got rid of my DSP A5 and am seriously considering DSP 630 or Pioneer 811. Will I notice enough difference from older amp to justify another Yamaha purchase?



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I upgraded to the 630 from a two year old Sherwood amp (DD & DTS). All I can say is that it revolutionised my HC setup - absolutely gobsmacking perfomance compared to my older amp - Get it just to enjoy the DTS 6.1ES track on the extended FOTR (Don't know much about the Pioneer amp)

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