Yamaha DSPA2 vs DSPA3090


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Anyone got any experience of these amps?

I currently have the 3090....how does the A2 stand up to it? Is it comparable? (aside from the extra sound modes)

Phil Hinton

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I was one of the first to have a 3090 when it was first released in the UK (95 i think) and have also owned an A2.

The 3090 was the top of the line machine, with many great features, and it sounded like a top end machine. The A2 had dts and a few more of those DSP programmes, but was too under powered for my liking, but a great sounding machine that was very similar to the 3090.

If you are a Yamaha fan, i would suggest a used A1, AX1 which can be picked up from £350-£650 on the used market, don't pay anymore! These are better spec than the A2/AX2 with that extra power and more like the 3090 you have at the moment.

However if you are changing just for DTS i would proberly think twice, the 3090 is still a brilliant DD amp that many today will have trouble bettering.


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just got rid of my 3090 and am using my a2 kept the a2 over the 3090 coz of dts but to my ears the dd on both amps sounds the same as ive set them up for the same room but thats just me:D

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