Yamaha DSPA1-Front (high) effect channels- ANY GOOD?



Is anyone using the front effect speaker outputs from their Yamaha DSPA1/DSPAX1/DSPAZ1. I would like to know if it is worth the extra outlay of another set of speakers/mounting brackets or shelfs + speaker wire. The front effect channels should sit above your main front speakers head height ,slightly further apart according to Yamaha's instructions. Any feedback whould be welcomed before I start to spend money for maybe something that doesn't justify the outlay.


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Originally posted by martin
Is anyone using the front effect speaker outputs from their Yamaha DSPAX1 .

Sure everyone will disagree with me but I tried them, didn't think it was worth the wifey aggro for the audible gains.
Haven't used them since.


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Since we hopefully all know that the front effects only work when the DSP modes are engaged the question is: do you like them?

If yes, I would consider the front effects, if not forget about it ....


I think they are rubbish to be honest a gimmick for people in Japan hehehehehe

Still I love my Yammy DSP-A3090 to bits, but it's getting old and embarrassing

DSP-AZ1 or VSA-AX10 Mmmmmm

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