Yamaha DSP630 or Harman Kardon AVR130


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i am in the market for a used AVReceiver and seem to have narrowed the choice down to these 2, does anyone have any comments that might help me make my decision and/or any other alternatives i should be looking at..

I wanna stay under £150 - not bothered about 7.1 as i can only fit 5.1 in my living room,

after much reading i have ordered a HK DVD22 player, the rest of my current setup is Kef iQ1 front speakers, Q6 center, the TV is a Philips 32" pixel plus2 thingy.. oh yeah the CD is a Cambridge Audio jobby... also wouldnt mind a used Sub reccomendation for around £100 if poss ...

Sound Quality and Picture Quality are preferred to features (dunno about Divx etal ...), i just playback DVD's and listen to CD's, thats about it really

many thanks


I can only comment on the Yamaha, its a good machine. similarly to you I will be getting the Cambridge Audio CD player. However, I am also looking to upgrade my amp, Movies are fantastic and although I have a good sound for audio, I really want to take it up another level or 2, especially with the dedicated CD player. Newer models are getting more musical. However until I've demo'd a few, I'm not sure how much of an improvement they will be.

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